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Elephant Trekking Phuket


In the north-east of Phuket island, is a elephant jungle trekking. You climb aboard an elephant, and he takes you for a walk around an old rubber plantation near the national park that has Bang Pae waterfall, gibbons and lots of scary bugs.

I have my reservations about elephant trekking. I've been before in Kanchanaburi, and saw some of the elephants had chains around their ankles, pacing forwards and backwards bored at being chained. But the Elephant Trekking in Phuket was a pleasant surprise. They stayed in the shade provided for them, eating the food provided for them, without the need for chains. More carrot than stick, so I don't have problems recommending this trip.


It's amazing how much weight elephants can carry without showing any signs of stress! Two very large or three normal sized people are no problem for it. The tour takes you down a hill and along a river, then back up a hill for more strolling through the plantation. My elephant didn't like the step into the river, it was too high, he decided to step around the side, and we hung on for dear life as he tried this new steeper route.


The elephant in front decided to relieve himself into the river. His penis then extended till the end dipped into the water, and he dragged it along for a few moments to clean it before putting it back. That's a handy trick, but not a suitable photo for this blog! Later on this tour, you get the chance to sit on the elephant's head, while the handler goes down on the ground and takes some shots with your camera. A nice photograph to remember your trip by.

Look for the elephant trekking, neat the entrance to Bang Pae Waterfall, in the north east of Phuket island. A thirty minute trip will cost 900 Baht for adults, 500 for Children, rising to 1300 for an hour for adults, 700 for children. You can book this with tours, but taxi transfers in Phuket are expensive, so expect to pay a lot more.

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