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Exploring Thai Muang #1


I'm exploring around Thai Muang, to see the temples, beaches, the Sea Turtle Release festival and tourist sites there. I passed this pagoda, at Wat Suwannawad, and decided to take a closer look with the drone.

There's beauty in decay, something nice about mould and lichen slowly taking apart concrete, layer by layer. With a gold painted pagoda, the faded gold and black mould, age it and somehow that sets it in place. When its nice, new and shiny, it could have been moved in yesterday on a truck, and moved somewhere else the next day. But let it age and mature into its surroundings, and it becomes more anchored in place.

I've already stayed at the campsite in a tent by the sea, I've already cooked a barbecue at the beach and tonite I'm staying in one of the campsite bungalows, basic rooms with showers, aircon and most important for a gadget laden Appon, electricity to charge my gadget and phone!

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