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Floating Pier, Visible from Space, Phuket


Well perhaps not from space, but from Siray Temple, this blue line out into the sea caught my eye. Sirae island, is an island right next to Phuket town, and a bridge connects it to the main island. This little island has quite a few surprises and this pier was definitely one of them.
It's a floating pier, made of blue plastic, tied down with plastic ropes, stretching far far far out to sea.

You see the boat in the photograph? It's near the start of the pier. I've taken another photograph from the end of the pier looking back, can you see the boat in that?


Look closely, Wat Siray, the temple is there on the hill to the left, but the boat is now a tiny spec far in the distance! You see this pier runs half a kilometre right out into the bay. Once out this far, you may as well be out at sea, the fish cluster around the end, and a quick swim off this pier and you're right in among them.


I though this would be a good time to reach in and try my underwater camera, but I didn't realize how slippy this pier can be. I lost my grip and fell in. Still, I got my photo, and I was glad the camera was waterproof, but I hadn't planned on taking a dip.


It wasn't easy to climb back on either, the plastic is quite difficult to grip, but a swim to the rope and I was on. Without the ropes I would have to pull myself along the pier, the full half kilo back to land! Not a fun prospect. Because the pier floats, the waves are mirrored in the pier itself, ripples run the length of it, in effect you're walking on the waves. Just as long as you don't fall off.


The blue pier floats are made by FloatTech a local company in Talang Phuket.

Along the bay here, at the end of the road, is a seafood restaurant, I stopped for some of the largest tiger prawns I have ever eaten on Phuket and recovered from my spill.

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