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Flown on the 4th July


There are 2 airports on Phuket, the one you arrived in and the one richer people than you arrive in. I'm talking about Phuket Airpark, in the North East of Phuket. It's quite a new airport that's only been open a couple of years. Part American owned, they hold a 4th of July celebration each year, with hot dogs and burgers and an airshow with stunts.

But the high point for me is the short trips you can take for $20 in a light aircraft. A quick tour of this side of Phuket, a loop around and island and back, it's short but a nice experience.


Helicopter rides too, a lot more noisy, a lot slower and a lot more expensive, but if you want the experience it's there.

I liked the camera drones, a wifi camera attached to a budget helicopter, the stall selling model aircraft had model helicopters with tiny cameras for as little as $20.


Now where is my house? I'm sure its down there somewhere! You get to see the expensive houses next to the harbour from up here. By comparison my house is deep inland, I can't quite spot it.


These are small planes not for the nervous, but you get to feel every bump on the grass runway and every gust of wind and that's part of the experience.

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