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Freedom Beach


Another weekend, another micro-beach! I've decided to visit Freedom Beach, one of the small beaches around Patong, that tourists come to visit to get away from the crowds.

One of the earliest videos I did in Phuket was Paradise Beach which is on this very same headland, just across on the other side!

I thought this would be a good place to try out my new toy! A sea-scooter, an electric propeller to save you having to swim. It's very very heavy and by the time you've carried it down the hill, you realize that this isn't easier, its a lot lot harder! Swimming would be far less tiring on the arms!


Freedom is a beautiful beach, and it's public too, free if you can arrive on your own. It has a restaurant and lots of sand, but getting here... well that's not so easy. It's a windy dirt track, and once you're at the top of the hill, it's 200 baht to travel across private land to the beach!

You can hire a boat to take you here, but that'll cost a lot more. There are some routes through the rocks that can get you here, but I decided to park and pay the 200 baht.


On Freedom beach you can do anything! Well, except this big list of things here! I read carefully to see if drones and sea-scooters are forbidden, and they're not. It's the allocation of beach, 10% can be restaurants, and sun loungers, and 90% has to be natural sand and rocks.

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