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Great Pizza, North West Phuket


I've found a decent pizza place if you're on Phukets *east* side, although you need a boat ride to get there! Well, what if you're on in the North West of Phuket, like Naiyang or Naithon beach? What then?

Thankfully, a friend of mine has the answer, Macarona Pizza place, on Naithon beach. A proper crust, and 4 cheese pizza with some blue cheese on it!


Pizza in Thailand is normally a disaster, mayonnaise instead of cheese, ketchup instead of passata, crab sticks as seafood, and frozen bases bought from a wholesaler! Thankfully in Macarona has a proper kitchen, you can see the food being prepared.


You can find Macarona in the middle of Naithon beach with parking next to the beach. Naithon is nice and quiet, I drove there at night and people could walk along the road with few cars. Some very fancy hotels are here too, Pullmans and other big names.

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