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Hok Arn Dim Sum Phuket Town


Morning Dim Sum eating sessions are a tradition here in Phuket. Dim Sum restaurants open in the morning, sell all their dim-sum and close in the afternoon. It happens that Jig, a friend of mine runs a Dim Sum restaurant called 'Hok Am' in the Chinese part of Phuket Town.


You buy a good selection of dim-sum, eat a wide range of them, and that sets you up for the day. Each one is not expensive, and being small, each one won't fill you. So bite sized treat after treat.


I was a little shocked to find my friend Jig serves them with a sweet spicy chilli sauce. She says that's how they eat them down in Phuket. In the north we eat them with a sour savory sauce known as dik-chow. Maybe it's just what I'm use to, but I think our way is better!


She's started providing bottles of sour sauce too, Dear Head brand, which has the same taste. I have yet to talk to her about fried garlic as a dim-sum garnish! One step at a time, I guess.


She closes around 2pm. If you don't fancy steamed dim-sum, she has a range of fried meat in bread crumbs, and steamed buns, sweet and savory. So there's plenty of choice.


Her shop is just North of Robinson Department store, so its very easy to find.

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