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Kamala to Kalim, Millionaires Row


Kamala beach is your typical family mainstream resort beach. Filled with reasonably priced, family friendly hotels, and with some excellent main attractions like Phuket Fantasea.

But if you head south from there, along the coast road instead of the main road, towards Patong, things get a lot quieter and a lot more expensive. I took my drone and my curiosity around this coast line to take a look.

The Kamala bay beach is the first thing you reach, if you can find a place to park, there's food, drink, a quiet beach, and ants! As you drive further on, the road twists up into the cliffs with glimpses of pools and salas from the rich villas on the cliffs below.


The people who live here want the sea view, access to the night life of Patong, a private pool, and privacy, and this little twisty coast road is where they find that.

But don't let that put you off, there are lots of little bays here, dirt tracks take you down to hidden beaches, where only you, a shack selling food and beer and a few other locals are found. You can enjoy rich peoples treats on poor people's money!


Above, Kalim beach is down a path to the sea, from the cliff above, just north of Patong. That's more for selfies than fun.

My favorite of these mini beaches is Hua Beach, it's a little bay, a boat shack where you can rent a long tail boat, buy a cold drink or some food, and relax on the beach. This beach is not the best place to swim, it's a bit rocky, and only a thin strip of sand, but it has plenty of shade and plenty of peace and quiet.

A bit further round you'll hit a string of private bays onto which you can view, but getting access is difficult. The roads down to them are private for the resorts. But the views are very spectacular all the same!


The above resort is called "The Naka Resort" and it's very flashy and modern with a private bay with fantastic evening sunsets. But it comes at a price, around $300 a night and up!

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