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Khao Rang Hill, Restaurants with a view, Phuket


Khao Rang (Rang Hill), is a hill in the center of Phuket, it's a tourist viewpoint that I've made a video of previously.

There's more than a viewpoint here, there are two restaurants, both serving Thai cuisine. Tunk Ka Cafe, is a popular Thai restaurant I visited during the day and Khao Rang Breeze I visited during the evening.


First up, Tunk Ka, this has terrible access for strollers, lots and lots of steps to carry a baby down, but once you get there the food and view are excellent. Order a coconut, they score a ring in the shell, and add a ring pull so you can open it easily. I've never seen that before, it really put a smile on my face.

I notice the tables with the best views were all reserved for meals in the evening, so it's better to call ahead and book a table if you want a night-view of Phuket. That way you'll get a better table. Tunk Ka Cafe: Tel 076 211 500, Mobile 082 412 2131.


The second restaurant has live music during the evening, from about 7:30pm to 9pm, and I decided to visit at night and see the lights from Phuket below. It's a nice night out with Thai cuisine and western steaks on the menu, a wide selection of wines if you like and of course the view.


This one has a ramp at the back for wheeling the stroller, but I took the stairs, access is ok. The food is good, the fish was quite small for the price, but tasted great. The music was soft, you can still talk and relax, perfect. My baby liked it too. Sunday they had plenty of places available, I didn't have to book ahead, but you can if you wish: Khao Rang Breeze Tel 076355775, Mobile 0864783927.

There's plenty of parking at the top of Rang Hill, and you can usually find a parking spot without too much effort.

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