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Khao Rang Revisited, Phuket


They've finished the viewing platform since I last visited Rang hill, and now that I have a drone, this is the perfect place for a dronie! A selfie taken with a drone.

They've done a really great thing with the viewing platform, it sticks out over the hill giving you a clear, tree free view.

I can also revisit the temple below. I've done a few things here, a golden ball, a few donations and a few dedications but I've always been unhappy with the photographs, always distorted views looking up at tall buildings and statues!


Well no more of that! Now I can get a clear face on view of anything! The monks are very helpful, and give me permission to fly the drone and capture the shot. Naturally I also go inside and donate a little for the upkeep of the temple.

One on the top of the hill, I can get a great view but also have a coffee and a meal. It's a long day today and a meal-view combo is essential.


Khao Rang is in the middle of Phuket Town in the South East of Phuket Island. It's the hill near Central shopping mall.

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