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Khuha Cave, Phang-na


This cave is smaller than some of the others I've covered, it's famous the monkeys that live there. This lot are not well behaved, like any group, it has its dominant male monkeys, the alphas, who take everything for themselves with threats of violence. It's not a very happy group of monkeys thanks to the violent males.


Once inside a reclining Buddha takes up the full length of the cave, with stairs leading up to the light part of the cave and back down into the dark part. A sign in front of a graffiti covered rock wall says "please do not write on the wall".


Not all wall markings are unwanted though, between the light cave and the dark cave, take time to notice the insignias of the royal visitors to this cave over the years. So many visitors, so many years, this cave has been a tourist attraction for a more than a century.


This visit is really a nibble, a short visit on the way to something else, and lots of tours include a visit to this 'monkey cave' as a stop-over on the way to boat cruise or other tour.

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