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Layan Beach with Toys


I've covered Layan beach before, its one of my favorite beaches in Phuket. The last time I wrote about Layan Beach, I took a picnic, waded across to the island and had a meal on the rocks.

That time I had only a wet bag, this time I've brought more serious toys to play with!

My sea-scooter, my drone, my underwater camera, my regular camera, several water proof bags, a beach mat to place it all on, smartphones with 4G for Google Maps, the list is endless!


Last time I was on the scooter, this time, I need the car. It's also handy to change in, the windows are darkened out, and people can't see inside.

My sea scooter has issues, the last time I tried it, at Freedom Beach it leaked. Water got into the battery compartment and it would work only if you turned it upside down! This time, I've used a lot of grease around the seal and it worked much better!


I wish I could say the same for my drone! The camera gimbal keeps swinging off to a wild angle and shaking. You can see this at the end of the video. I guess that's the penalty for so many hi-tech toys, they'll always be something broken!

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