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Lumpee Waterfall Phang Nga


I'm doing two waterfalls today, Lumpee (Lampi, the transliteration is not quite right), and Ton Prai. Both of them are not far from Thai Mueang beach, the beautiful empty Andaman beach stretching up the west coast north of Phuket. If you visited the beach and want to get the sand and salt out of your hair, why not visit a waterfall and splash around!


Lumpee is the lesser of the waterfalls, rock falls mean the bottom of the waterfall is a no-go zone and ropes mark the boundary you shouldn't cross. Since the main point of a waterfall is getting in and letting the water pour over you, this marks Lumpee down in my books.

Still, the light through the forest and the wood and rope bridge make the visit worthwhile.


You can still paddle in the water, further down there is a floating walkway and the river here is absolutely teaming with fish. I took off my shoes and put my feet in the water to see if they would nibble at my toes. No luck, they're too well fed here, or perhaps my toes aren't tasty enough for them.

Entry to Lumpee and TonPrai waterfalls is combined at 100 baht per person (30 for Thai's) and 20 Baht parking. Keep your tickets and use them the same day at the other waterfall.

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