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Miles of paradise


I've been exploring along the coast outside of Phuket, and stopped at a village next to the beach. Take a look at the photograph below. Do you see any beach umbrellas? any beach loungers? in fact do you see any people at all?? It's a completely empty, completely perfect beach. It's like that in both directions for miles.

This is Thai Mueang beach, Golden clean sand, turquoise clean water, a beach that drops off quickly, so you can be swimming very close to the beach without your feet touching the sand. I can't believe a beach like this exists so close to Phuket!

(Map after the break)


It's not difficult to see why it's empty. This area is flat and some old decaying houses show it was overrun by the tsunami. Tsunami towers are provided along the more popular parts of this coast, buildings with a floor high up, for people to run to if another tsunami hits, but it seems that people haven't rebuilt here.


As I look for a place to park, I see two cars are parked on the grass next to the beach, so I stop there. But it's not grass, it's a car-park, overgrown with grass!
I find, probably the only street cafe near here, her food is cooked fresh and tastes delicious. The dish below cost just over $1 and is as good as any street food I've tasted. I asked her to make it spicy (pet) and she's really gone for it.


A little further along this coast is a pier with boats running to the Similan Islands, a group of islands in a nature reserve. I've visited these islands, you can stay in a tent (provided) overnight and they have tours to see the land crabs, and snorkeling to see the reefs. The trip I took was from Phuket, but was 2 hours on a speed boat, this is far closer and less of a stress to get to.

There's some decaying boats here, the owner has a for sale sign on them, but they look like they aren't worth saving, too much decay. Not just a scrape and paint, more like a complete boat rebuild.

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