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Monkey Hill Phuket


I did monkey spotting over on Siray Island, the Island connected to Phuket town by a bridge. But now it's time to do the full on monkey experience.

If you visit Phuket town in Phuket, and look up at the hills, you'll notice one with telecoms towers on the top. This is monkey hill, it has a temple at the bottom, satellite uplink for television stations at the top, and half way down, monkeys, lots and lots of monkeys. This is where the locals come to feed them.

I run into a man feeding them from the back of a truck, these are some well fed monkeys! He says they really like nuts the best, and as soon as he opens a bag, they desend on him. I get him to put some on the seat of my bike, maybe I can get a shot of a monkey driving my scooter... the monkey has different ideas, and refuses to grab the handle bars or even look forwards.

(Video/Map after the break)


All the way up the hill, there are 'do not feed the animals' signs. There is an official place for feeding these monkeys, it's half way up the hill, at a feeding station platform. On the platform you'll find a wide array of fruit, ready to be eaten. I took a picture of it, do you see any monkeys?


They prefer to eat higher up and lower down, the platforms here because the town wants the monkeys up the hill, but not so high as to bother the satellite towers. Nobody discussed this with the monkeys though.


The view from this hill is spectacular too, I quickly spot a temple and large golden Buddha I've never visited before. I'm going to find that later, but for now, the monkeys are enough and I'll visit the temple at the foot of the hill anyway. Once down the hill, I find child monks monkeying around in the temple too.

You can witness my failed attempt at getting the monkeys to ride a bike in the video above. The noise at the top of the hill are jungle bugs, lots of bugs, and they're very loud.

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