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Monkeys Phuket Town


You don't have to go far to see monkeys in Phuket town, and you don't have to visit the zoo either! Next to the center of Phuket town is an island, surrounded by mangroves. A bridge connects it to Phuket main island and monkeys live in the mangrove swamps. They're wild, they won't come close to you, hopefully, and the dominant male didn't look too friendly either.
Still, they're a lot easier to find than the monkeys in Bangkok!


You're allowed to feed them, a convienient viewing platform overlooks the mangroves, and a woman sells bananas just across the road for, well I was going to say peanuts, but that's not quite right. 10 baht for a large bunch of bananas is bananas, even by Thai prices. You need to be patient, as you throw the bananas, so word gets round and the monkeys start approaching from out of the swamp.


The sign next to the monkey viewing platform says to throw the food to the monkeys, don't try to hand it to them. I try to hurl bananas past the dominant male into a family group approaching across the swamp. He's having none of that, he easily gets all the bananas, and I decide I have to fill him up before the rest can get a look-in.

The monkey viewing platform is just after the bridge onto the island, on the right, overlooking the mangrove swamp.

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