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Pheung Chang Cave, Phang-nga, You'll Get Wet


Phang nga is full of spectacular rocky hills that jut up into the sky. The rock formations are on land and extend out into the sea. They contain some wonderful caves! Many of them completely overlooked by the tourist and Pheung Change is one of these. The rock is shaped like a elephant lying down flat on the ground, the cave extends 1.2 km into the stomach of the elephant. Pheung = Stomach, Chang = Elephant.

Inside the cave even the rocks are shaped like elephants, crocodiles and serpents. Bats live in the outer part of the cave, and fish in the inner part. The bats don't care about our visit,

You will get wet! Although the tour is in a boat, the boat only goes part way into the cave. The last part of the tour is on foot, walking through shin deep water. That just adds to the experience.


In the boat with me is Cherry, founder of Crystal Beads LLP in the UK, a company selling Swarovski beads and hand made wedding jewelry. Even Thai's go to Phuket for their holidays!

The highpoint is surprisingly the end of the cave, the turnaround point. The guide turns off all the lights and its dark, your eyes struggle to see anything, anything at all, but they see nothing, absolutely nothing. Imagine what it would be like if your torch failed and you have to get out of here by feeling your way along the water!

Since the tour includes walking in water, shorts and flip-flops are advised. They don't let you take bags or cameras into the cave, leave them in the car.


It's not strenuous, the guide paddles not you, and it is very worthwhile. This cave is near Tai Pan Cave, why not combine it wit a visit to Tai Pan?

The cost is 500 baht for foreign tourists (Jan 2013 price), which includes the boat and guides.

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