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Phuket Aquarium


I visited Phuket Aquarium today, it's in the south east of the island of Phuket, next to some beautiful views of the islands around Phuket and not far from the Port of Phuket. I enjoyed it.

I'm sure, like me, you've visited aquariums many many times, so I won't give you a list of fish pictures with their latin names and a picture of the inevitable tunnel through an inevitable fish tank. Instead I want to start a campaign to give fish meaningful names. For a start, lets start calling the above fish the Nemo fish. Why fight it scientists? just drop the old name and everyone is better off.


You can see the rain coming in from across the sea, time to stop paddling and get inside to the aquarium. The price was a low 50 baht, 100 for foreign tourists. Not expensive.
My favorite parts were the scary unidentified creatures of the deep. Since they're not named, I feel entitled to give them names, this one I'm calling Roach-asaurus, it's 30cms long and looks like a cockroach.


Some animals have names, but you can see how confused the scientists are. This is labelled a 'higebeak shrimp', Wikipedia calls it a 'HingeBeak Shrimp', yet the Thai version reads more like 'Red Ant Shrimp' after the large red ants we have here. If scientists can't agree on a name, then I think he should be called a 'Showoff Shrimp' for having too much decoration.


They have some really huge fish here, like this giant grouper. At first I thought the tank was full of small fish against a lump of smooth rock, until the rock moved.


But without a doubt my favorite in this aquarium is the corals. You can't really capture the corals in a picture, you lose the amazement at this colony of tiny creatures all moving in ripples like a single giant sea-monster.

Outside they also have a hatchery, an endangered species exhibition (and they gave me a free book with beautiful marine photography as part of this), there's even a boat they use to visit the reefs you can go on board. But once outside, why not rest your feet and paddle, well if it's not raining that is.

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