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Phuket Hidden Flip-Flop Beach


Phuket is an island, and the main attraction of an island is surely the beaches? Today I'm visiting Naithon beach, in the North West, the weather turns grey, and I quickly take a dislike to it. It's a small beach, the beach-combing is poor, where are all the shells?! The food selection is also poor. Russian Borscht Stew? Hamburgers? These tourists, they come on holiday to Thailand, famous for its food and eat Borscht???

Never mind! I found a secret beach nearby!

You quickly sense Naithon beach is aimed at the Russian tourist market, it's not just the Borscht, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I've got a keen sense for these things, and I'm sure I detected some subtle signs that others would miss.


There's a narrow area where you can swim, and a lifeguard blows his whistle if you stray outside the flags as warning. I think this is part of the Russian holiday experience, officials micro-controlling petty details with their whistles.

I hopped on my bike and went further south, around the winding road, and up the hill. As I looked out to sea, I could see more beaches. Some like the Andaman White Beach resort, have no access, except through the resort itself, but others, well they might be private. I stop and ask a security guard at the fancy houses on the hill, how I could get to the beach below. He tells me the secret way there, and says the beach-combing is good there!

If secret beach-combing treasure be thine,
first backtrack to Ban Naithon Sign


The beach is near, I'm all a quiver,
down the path and along the river.


Duck low, under the grass,
keep your eyes on the path and not on my ass


Don't follow the rocks, don't face the gallows,
over the water, cross the shallows

Once you get to the beach, I was rather disappointed to see two fat Germans already there at the sandy part, perhaps they have a German treasure map to follow.


This beach is an ideal adventure for kids. It's difficult to get to, there's a river to explore at one end, that cuts through rocks, and there is plenty of debris and shells to search through. Most of the debris seems to be lost flip-flops. If you've lost a flip-flop I'd start looking for it here.


I also found large white long shells of something. They're strong, size 36, inside they have a fine honeycomb structure, and when I pressed my nail into the inside, it crumbled like powder, yet I couldn't break it, it was very strong. I imagined it was the bone plate of some giant man eating squid, but you could tell your kids it is the tooth of a 50 foot long shark that eats swimmers, leaving only their flip-flops, if you want them to stay out of the water.


If you get hungry for Borscht, there's Naithon beach nearby. I've marked the location on the treasure map below.

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