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Phuket North East Coast


I'm exploring the North East of Phuket island today. Phuket is easy to understand, West is touristy side, East is the Thai working side. South has lots of people, North has few.

So the North East of the island is the quietest Thai part of the island. Perfect for me to explore!

The roads are quiet but well maintained here, and steep, lots of little hill to get over. Phangna bay is the main view here, as you reach the top of hills, the view opens out onto the bay. Breathtaking.


Despite the views, there aren't many resorts here, only Supalai have a resort here, and some expensive villas next to a pier. It's a working area and mostly shrimp ponds. The shrimp farms are large shallow pools of water, with paddles turning to aerate.


There's a marina here, if you have a luxury yacht that needs parking, or you just want to take a look at boats. This is the place. It's guarded, but the guards let you in no problem.


Further around, this is one of the busiest piers for tourists. A lot of small coaches take tourists here for boat tours of Phangna bay, candle-lit dinners and day trips to the small islands off the coast.

As you follow this road, further and further south, the edges of the road begin to get covered with jungle. It's clear that only motorbikes travel this road, and cars are rare here. At the end I find the road blocked off, behind it, an abandoned estate of luxury villas are slowly decaying into the jungle. Well the light is going and I need to go home.

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