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Phuket Secret Beach, Cape Yamu


Last week, I found a hidden beach covered in flip-flops on the west side of Phuket island, this week I thought I'd explore the north east side of Phuket. I've heard there aren't any beaches in this part, but that's just not true! There are loads of them!


Lets start with Cape Yamu. This cape sticks out into Phangna Bay, and on Google maps it looks like there's a sheltered beach on the north side. I hopped on my bike and set off to take a look. Frustratingly it's private. The whole cape is a private complex of rich people's houses, and very rich people's mansions. As you can imagine it's heavily guarded and I was turned away at the gate.


No matter, on the south side is another beach and this one is public. It's used by fisherman and a pier juts out into the bay. On the hill you can see the cheaper houses of the Yamu project, but 'cheap' is a very relative term here on Phuket and these are clearly targeted at wealthy foreigners looking for a holiday home. A Como Hotel Resort is due to open in July 2013 here, a snip at a $1000 a night!

Well this is a start. I've found one beach, not a very good one, but a beach nonetheless. Now can I find something better? Something more hidden? Some place the rich people haven't fenced off and built mansions? You bet I can! Just look:


Just along the coast, north from Cape Yamu, is a quiet area of beach hidden behind mangrove. It's on the very same turn off as Yamu, a left fork in the road instead of a right fork, and a little bit of dirt track.

Children play there and a Thai family shelters from the rain. This beach is fantastic, it's full of hidden pockets, large holes in the sand hide crabs and strips of sand jut out into the mangrove, inviting you to walk and explore. Not so much a beach as an adventure playground by the sea.


The rain doesn't dampen my mood, this is one fantastic find. Over in the jungle behind the beach I can hear the sound of ATV's. There's an all-terrain-vehicle jungle trip here, I'll do that another day.

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