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Phuket Sunday Night Market


In the center of Phuket city, along the old colonial Talang road, every Sunday evening is a street market. They close off the road at either end, set up stalls, and fun-up the place!

It's a mix of shopping and food and today, a fund raiser for the Nepal earthquake victims. I decided to spend the evening exploring the market to see what they have that's new. This is a nice place to sit and listen to some music, have a drink and some food and watch the crowds go by.


There were new things for me too, I found a toasted open sandwich of Tom-Yum-Chicken, tom yum paste covered in dried shredded chicken. Pork and fish form nice fibers when you cook them this way, but chicken forms more of a powder. Making it dry.

You really need a drink with it, or your don't get the flavors, even then, its an experience rather than a delight.

I was somewhat more horrified to find these bags:


Cat bags! The same bags as Train Market in Bangkok!

'Saving Face' means a lot in Thailand, and I bought one of these cat bags for a valued neighbor of mine. But, and it's a big but, it was the smallest cat bag. Now she'll know it was the smallest, I have lost all face.

What to do?

Lucky for me, she's avoiding me right now, the only answer is to sneak away in shame in the middle of the night! Sell my house at a discount for quick sale, or perhaps burn it down to erase the memory of it. That way my loss of face won't be remembered!

If only there was another way!

You can see the hustle and bustle from the video, its a bit busier today since its a holiday weekend.

Phuket market is open in late afternoon, till about 10pm Sunday nights, in the center of Phuket City. Parking is possible around town, but very limited.

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