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Phuket Trick Eye, Bring your camera!


Phuket Trick Eye is a new museum of optical picture tricks. I'm sure you've seen the 3D painting on the floor, you stand in a certain place, take a photograph in a certain way and it looks like a realistic 3D scene.

The building is full of these 3d visual paintings, look around for a guide photo to give you a hint at what you can do, get yourself into position and get your friends to take a photo. Don't have a friend? There are plenty of staff around to take the photo for you, but you do need to bring your own camera.


At the end there's also some 2.5D holograms, the slice type, showing famous paintings and painters and other little fun, head in cooking pot scenes.

Be prepared to act the part, it's no good being eaten by a shark, if you can't convincingly convey being eaten alive!


A wander round the building, shows there are plenty of 3D scenes to put yourself into. I'm covering only a tiny number of them. They're not really trickeye, more trickcamera. Your eye is not fooled, the picture afterwards is the reveal.


It's not quite right yet, for the entry price of 500 baht (250 for Thais, 300 for Children) there needs to be more variety here. More real 3D holograms, more 3D effects like the chair, rooms where balls roll uphill. Zoetropes or other optical illusions to add more variety.


Where's the little shop at the exit? You know, the little shop selling all manner of puzzles, mazes, jigsaws, colliderscope toys and holographic key chains to take home as a reminder? They need to add a little shop too.


I don't think they should make it cheaper, I think they should make it better. There are so many things here in Phuket to compete with, if they want to get the tour buses to visit they need to make it a worthwhile to justify the journey from the hotel to the museum.

But if you have the time, and you're in the mood, why not?

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