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Phuket Vegetarian Food


Phuket's Vegetarian Festival is on again, and among the parades, the blood and the gore, there's some food too!

Vegetarian Food! The center of Phuket town turns into walking streets filled with stalls selling vegetarian food. I was in a snacks mood, and its easy to forget how many of our normal snacks are meat free.


One of my favorite cakes, the blueberry stove top cake, lovely and hot cooked fresh on the stall. These are best eaten fresh and warm, and they don't come any fresher or warmer here.


Other new things to try. Smoothies with dry ice wrappers, or milk shakes with sugar 'afro' toppings. A little dry-ice fun can really brighten up a dish.


Another sweet snack, I couldn't resist. Sticky rice cakes, fried, cut up and dusted with sugar and sesame seeds. Vegetarian Festival is supposed to be about cleansing, but to me its more like a binge.

The Vegetarian Festival is celebrated throughout the south of Thailand, (I visited Ranongs vegetarian festival a few days ago). Phuket is the main center for celebrations, you can find the festival at all the Chinese temples across the island during the festival.

The festival is fixed on the lunar calendar, which means its date moves around with the moon, so check the festival dates for the year you want to visit. It normally falls on a two week period around late September, early October.

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