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Phuket Vegetarian Parade Preparation


Before you click 'see more' below and read the full article. Take a look at the above photograph. If you find it shocking, even repelling, then don't click. There are plenty of other articles you can read.

You really don't need to see such a pitiful excuse for a mustache! Appalling, simply appalling, in this day and age to sprout such top lip fluff! Oh and the skewers through his cheeks, but mostly the terrible caterpillar on his lip!


The parades don't start till 7am or later, but the preparation work is done at the temple from 6:30am. You can visit, dress in white, be respectful, and calm.

Doctors spend the early part cutting and prepping the mediums who will form the main part of the parade. After the parade, their faces are sewed up, and the next day, back to work as teachers, bankers, builders.


He could put someone's eye out with that spike! The man on the right perhaps?

You can find this shrine in Cherng Talay main road, just after the police station. But all of the Chinese temples participate in the Vegetarian Festival (the 9 Gods festival).

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