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Phuket Yacht Haven, "The Deck" Restaurant


This restaurant was a lucky lucky find. I was coming back from Khaolak to Phuket, and always meant to visit Phuket Yacht Haven. They've built a fancy entrance on the main Phuket highway, and its so tempting to visit, I just never got round to it. Well today we're hungry, and tired, and this marina is bound to have a decent cafe, so lets visit!

We almost turned back, the road has a security gate, and that usually means its private property. But a chat with the guard, we'd hand over an ID card for a pass, and there is a restaurant, and parking for visitors on Soi 2.

I quickly learn a few secrets about this place. Firstly, there is a secret entrance without security guards, secondly, getting to the restaurant is a fun adventure itself... (read below).

Once we found the parking, this marina seems awfully familiar. Last time we visited, we came a different entrance and didn't need to hand over id. Later on, we found out this entrance still exists. Shush! Don't tell the guards.


The parking is at the top of the cliff, the marina is at the bottom, a guard spotted us, called on his radio, and a golf cart came along and whisked us down to the restaurant straight from our car. This is some serious service here. The golf cart adds a bit of drama to the whole meal, the road down to the restaurant is very steep, it's almost a funfair ride to get to the restaurant!


We had low expectations, 320 baht for a steak sandwich? With Australian steak as well? It's will be the cheapest cut of Macro-store meat, served on cheap loaf bread. But no, it was a quality cut of meat, served on a ciabatta bread with fries and a fresh salad. The fried noodles with shrimp, also a huge plate, fresh and very cheap.

The restaurant is worth a proper meal. I ask the staff when they're open, and find they open till 10pm. So I decide the next rain free Friday evening, I'll eat a proper meal here. It was a great night and a good choice.

This time, security just waives me through, I recognize the guard as the same one, and he recognizes me too. I park up on Soi 2, and walk over to the waiting golf carts to be taken down to the restaurant.


The marina is all lights with some of the bigger boats lit up, its stunning to see at night. He tells me the golf carts stops at 9pm, but the restaurant staff will get me back to the car.

Low season means few customers, but plenty of family friendly staff. I fancied chicken pie, papa had seared tuna. Then we went a little crazy with desserts. None of this is bulk factory products, its all well made, fresh, quality food.

There's a cheesecake recipe used a lot in Thailand that is very dense and sucks, and the same cheesecake disaster you see again and again across Thailand. Heavy dense clangy cheesecake... but not here. This was light and fluffy. Carrot cake, light and fluffy, chocolate cake, soft and moist, seared tuna, with pickled caper sauce, a chicken pie with rich rich gravy. Excellent.

The staff take us back up the hill on a 3 wheeler, and they tell us about the easy exit through the village. I knew it! I remember I got here without a security gate last time, it's just a matter of knowing how!

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