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Phuket's Super Secret Beach Seafood


There's a place in Phuket, where you can eat cheap fresh seafood next to a near private beach. Where could such a place be? Perhaps some distant island off the coast of Phuket? Some windy road through a jungle?

No. It's right in the middle of Phuket, on the West coast, not far from the popular Laguna complex!

Right in the middle of Phuket, there's a long beach called Bang Tao. At the North end is Layan Beach, a very popular beach among Thai people and a national park, at the south end is expensive restaurants, hotels and night-life.

In the middle..... well there's a long stretch of nothing, with small dirt access roads. Each of these access roads has a make-shift restaurant and bar, and you can buy all manner of quality seafood here, served fresh and cheap next to the sea.

How do they do a wide selection of fresh seafood? Well there's a trick to it.


There's a bigger restaurant at the end that offers them a wholesale price and they all simply order from there. I'm not complaining, the prices are cheap, the service quick and the food is just excellent. Because the larger restaurant has volume, it means I can eat super fresh seafood right next to a beach where I am the only person there!


I ate at "Paul Lay Phang food", but these shacks are very similar. Start at the Layan Beach end, drive down the road slowly till you see one you like the look of, and spend a nice evening at the beach.

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