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Pizza Run to Coconut Island


Maprao Island (Coconut Island), is off the east side of Phuket, and on it is a large resort called 'The Village'. The village is pricey, very expensive full of large villas each with their own pools, or jacuzzis.

I was told by one of the boat captains that it has the best pizza on Phuket, cooked in a large stone oven with all the proper ingredients.


Finally an excuse for a trip! Time to do a pizza run out to the island, catch the live band, and return home. A little holiday and a night out away from Phuket. I check with the resort manager, boat tickets are 100 baht return, if you're not staying at the resort, and 400 baht a day to use the facilities.

Boats leave from Royal Phuket Marina on the East of Phuket, on the half hour, and return on the hour. I took the 5:30pm out, to catch the sunset. Coconut Island Village Resort has an office in the building in front of the marina. You have to get a ticket here first and it needs to be a return if you're not staying on the island.


Boats run 24 hours, but the after 9pm, they run on demand, if there's no customers, the boat doesn't sail. As we climbed out of the boat, a Chinese woman wanted her photograph taken with my friend. It's very common for her to be singled out like this.


Tourists like Thailand's traditional culture, and what could be more traditional than being photographed with a ladyboy?! She's use to it, and happy to oblige the tourists.

Many people are easily fooled by Katoey's, they look so perfect, so slim, but this Chinese lady saw right through that. When she goes back to China, she can show the photograph to her friends of how amazing the surgeons are in Thailand! My friend really does look like a woman! Even close up! It's amazing!*


While I was there, I ordered some Thai spicy seafood salad to cut through the fatty cheese, and it was bland! No spicy, not salty, not sour, the flavor was all wrong.

For such a high end resort you expect faultless Thai cuisine, so I took it back and complained to the chef. He's a Thai chef, so he should know how that dish is supposed to be, and a few minutes chatting to him, the problem is clear. The resort if full of Chinese tourists and they can't take the spice. He makes them baby Thai food, minimal spice, mild flavors because that's what they can eat!

He redoes the dish, pounding the chillies properly and redeems himself with a decent salad with a lot of kick.

* 5555.

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