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Rawai Beach, Seafood Sunset


There are plenty of places to eat seafood on Phuket island. This one comes highly recommended by Chef Win, so you know its good. Along the beach at Rawai, on the very southern tip of Phuket, there is a street. On one side, fisherman stalls, selling the days catch. On the other, restaurants that will grill, BBQ and fry it for you.
You buy the fish that you want, on the left, and tell them how to cook it on the right. This is a great way to spend a pleasant evening, dining in Phuket.


The fisherman's stall had plenty of fish on ice, lobster, fresh huge oysters, squid,

We chose to eat at Mook Dee BBQ Seafood Restaurant, the place was packed, the owner let me photograph my fish being cooked in the kitchen. A long line of chefs prepped individual meals for individual tables. No batch cooking here, each persons seafood is cooked individually.
Not just frying or grilling either, you can have your catch of the day, fully prepared, garnished, covered in sauce, the way you want, all for 100 baht per dish, 150 for 2 dishes.
The menu has pictures to give you preparation ideas for your seafood, you can point at your fish and the picture to explain how you want it prepared.


A fresh live lobster, prepped, cooked, presented, in a restaurant with a beach view for 1200 baht? A bargain! But lobster is expensive and the giant shrimp looked amazing. As big as my hand, with plenty of meat, they would be great with fried garlic and even cheaper.
While I'm looking for my seafood I see a very creepy crustacean I've never seen before. The vendor tells me its related to lobster and promises me they taste delicious. I pass.


Squid two ways, jumbo prawns two ways, fish two ways, rice on the side, we ate like royalty! My food blog is for food shots, my travel blog is for food-aftermath shots.
Fish number 2 was a beautiful fish garden, with chillies and pineapple and coriander in a spicy sweet sauce. Now its bones and head.


That's the restaurant owner in the middle, maybe next time he'll give me a discount!

There's plenty of stalls here at Rawai Beach to buy gifts to take home with you. I'm visiting friends soon and find some pearl necklaces that will make excellent gifts. At $15 each, they won't break the bank. Real pearl, well farmed anyway.

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