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Restaurants at Laguna, 23 Restaurant


I'm back in Phuket, with the baby healthy and happy from the hospital, I get to return home and celebrate the new baby. I hear about women being stuck inside with a screaming kid, afraid to go out. Depressed, miserable. That will not happen to me.

She's barely 2 months old and she's been out to 4 shopping malls, visited the beach, and of course visited quite a few restaurants.... speaking of which....

At Boat Avenue, near Laguna in Phuket, a whole street of restaurants has been opened up around the lake there. I only noticed when I parked at the car-park at he supermarket, saw a lot of lights and went to investigate. Places to try, things to do!

Lets start with 23 Restaurant.


This is a white bright restaurant next to Skybar. I had planned to eat next to the lake, but as soon as the baby got settled, a mosquito appeared, and I fled inside. Baby Appon hasn't had a tetanus shot yet, and many of her other vaccinations, so until they're done, I don't want to take risks.

Inside, its all soft sofas, fancy decor and clean white design. Very very nice. We had ribs, roast duck, and we've eaten steaks here before.


The duck is nice, you can go here for the steaks, but really they haven't perfected their menu yet, it's a mix of Thai and western cuisine. The ribs didn't fall off the bone the way the best ribs do, and it's odd to have ribs and pizza served alongside wine and fancy sofas. What if you spilled sticky ribs sauce on the fancy sofa??

The staff were very helpful, and help me take the stroller up the stairs. There's plenty of space inside and the staff don't mind babies.

The wine selection is decent, I had a bottle of Chardonnay at 1300 baht, taking the bottle home with me. Breast feeding means I'm only allowed a taste, not a drink! But that's good enough.


If you can, sit outside and view the lake. I see a lot of restaurants here, and in Boat Avenue, and I plan to eat at all of them eventually! But its so hidden, I wonder how many people actually know its here.

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