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Sarasin Bridge by Drone


I've visited Sarasin Bridge before. It's the bridge that joins Phuket island to mainland Thailand. The last visit, was by scooter and I was determined to find a road to the headland, but eventually gave up, one wheel drive is no substitute for 4 wheel drive! Now I have a drone! I can simply fly out and see that headland!

(Video Below)

Since I visited last time, there are a lot more tourist busses here. Chinese tourists enjoy a meal here, with a view onto the water and bridge.


But I'm here to explore, and if I have enough courage, to fly the drone under the bridge. The biggest hurdle to that is my screen, in the bright sunlight, its impossible to see if I have the altitude right, maybe I hit the bridge, maybe I hit the water!

Before I crash my first drone, I decide to take a look at the headland I missed last time. I fly out there, only to notice the electricity towers. I can get close, but not too close.


That beach is so tempting, but the water there is very fast. Too fast to swim. You'd be quickly swept out to sea.

I head back across to Phuket and film from that side, there are several fish farms here, serving Phukets restaurants with fresh fish. I chat to one of the locals and find where I can buy fresh fish ready for a beach barbecue.

Dogs here take a fancy to my drone, where can I land??? My battery is low, I need to find a landing place away from the dogs. I fly it back out to sea, run down the beach and bring it back into land. Lucky the dogs lost interest and I could land it just in time.

So did I dare fly under the bridge? Well you have to watch the video to see.

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