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Sawadee Camping Resort, Thai Muang


Thai Muang doesn't have a lot of hotels. The National Park has tents to rent and a few cabins, and there are two smaller places to stay in town. Sawadee Camping Resort is further out in the jungle and is more about tents and nature than beach and sunsets.

Use the map below to find this place, it's misplaced on lots of the booking sites. It is not in Phang Nga town, as many of the booking, trip-advisor and navigation sites, it's near Thai Muang. Use the map below.

Originally I wanted to stay in a tent, enjoy the lakeside wild noises and do something different. But the reality of going to the toilet in a shower block, sterilizing bottles and USB charging ports.... well I opted for the rooms with air-conditioning and bathroom. They're only a little more expensive anyway.

This resort is about 15 minutes drive from Thai Muang beach, so we had a beach day and a meal at George's Pizza on the beach. Don't order the pizza here, it's sweet and has mayonnaise on it, but the rest of the food is good. You can also eat at the resort, they have an all in price including an evening meal.

In the resort itself they have bikes to rent, you cycle up and down the back roads, this was the baby's first bicycle ride, she's been on motor-scooters before, but never a bicycle. She was fine, we've pushed her to new things so she'll be confident in life, and she knows it won't harm her.


The resort has a lake and you can take a kayak out and kayak around the lake. They have life-jackets too, as you'd expect, and as you'd expect, I chose to keep the baby's familiar swimming float on her. I've tried lots of floats and life jackets, and they tilt her back or forwards, and she doesn't like them.

She was totally calm on the kayaks and the bicycles, but went crazy seeing the patterned tiles in the shower! 1 year olds as bizarre!

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