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Seafood in Phuket


Well you're in Phuket, so you have to try the seafood. It's fresh, locally produced and it's Phuket's big food produce. You've seen me do this shot many many times, the beach on the left, the food in front and me posing behind. So this time I thought I'd do a before and after shot. You can see what the seafood was like before, and what it's like after. You can see we decimated it.

You don't need to eat at one of the fancy Patong tourist restaurants to eat seafood in Phuket, although naturally we did, it just didn't photo very well under their artificial lights. There's many places with views over Phuket and the sea to eat at.

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The one above, is a beach cafe at the north end of Phuket, before you leave the island. If you're crossing Sarasin Bridge, it's a great place to eat on the way to something in Phang-nga. You can stop off, have a meal, then set off full and ready for a hard day of touristy photo taking!
The tiger prawns here were excellent, and we had them with seafood fried rice, which itself had plenty squid and prawns.


There's plenty of other places to eat seafood near tourist landmarks. Sunset viewpoint for example, is on the way up to Big Budhha, and has a view down onto Karon beach that's worth the trip all on it's own. But this place too, serves a very good garlic fried fish and seafood tom yum soup. The 'after' plates speak for themselves.

Although I've covered two restaurants here, seafood is cheap and fresh and popular on Phuket. Lots of restaurants make excellent seafood dishes, and since the locals eat it, you can be sure it's good!

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