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Simon Cabaret Patong, Phuket


I've done these Ladyboy shows before, for example Aphrodite is in the middle of Phuket Island, and Mimosa is in Pattaya over to the East of Bangkok.

But the most famous of the Phuket shows is Simon Cabaret, over in Patong Beach, Phuket. I just had to do that too. I caught the late show and went for a meal beforehand at a restaurant suggested by my travel agent friend over at Indo Thai Tours, who also got me cheap tickets for this show.


9th Floor is a fine dining Swiss restaurant in Patong. I'm guessing its Swiss owned because of the menu, Swiss German, lots of cheese dishes with a touch of schnitzel and noodles! European prices, expect to pay about 2000 baht a head for a 3 course meal, plus a good bottle of wine will set you back another 2000! Well if you're on holiday, I guess you can treat yourself!

The restaurant is at the top of a Condotel, with a rather scruffy lift entrance that nearly put me off. But once inside the food was excellent, the waitresses elegantly dressed and the open balcony view softened my tastebuds.


After the meal, off to the show!

A Katoey, or Ladyboy is a trans-gender male, who dresses and behaves like a woman. Sometimes they are truly transgender, operated on by doctors to make very convincing women, sometimes, more a cabaret performance, a silly extreme flamboyant version of a woman!

These cabaret shows are elegant, and comedy and titillation. Look at the girl in the bikini, is he hiding something? And if so, where!


A tip of 100 baht a Kateoy and you can get your photograph taken with them. I notice the one on the left did a two finger sign. I've seen that before many many times on ladyboys. I think its some sort of secret sign between them, so they know they are post-op. A scissor sign, so they can tell each other apart! If you have a friend who always does that two finger sign, you can now know their secret code! :)

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