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Siray Island Temple, Phuket


On the only large hill in Siray Island stands a temple. A quiet almost forgotten temple, that's one of the best places to visit, just for the views alone. The view across Siray island is just fantastic. One one side you can see the fishing village, with all the ramshackle huts, on the other a view across a pristine green island.
From the balcony, there's a view into a bay with a very intriguing blue line that stretches well out to sea. I must explore there later, but for now, I want to explore this temple and see what surprises it has in store.


I visited the fishing port on my entry to Siray island, it's the first thing just across the bridge. There's lines of blue nets where filletted fish are dried in the hot sun for flavor, and I have to say the smell there was horrific. Better to see it from high up here in the temple.


The entry to the temple itself is marked by the now frequent snakes. The steps here are white and cools as a result, it's a pleasure to leave your shoes below and walk up them. Normally, they'd be blazing hot and the climb in bare feet would be more like a punishment!


Once inside a giant reclining buddha stretches the length of the temple, but a walk around here reveals some glimpses of buddhas outside, and on the balcony a place to light incense and pray to a Buddha with the best view of all, across the bay.


The view as you leave, is across the largely green Sirae island, very little has been built here, I was expecting it to be like Phuket, noisy and busy, but its quiet with hardly any buildings at all.


Lower down the hill at this temple are buddhas in little raised platforms. These are the ashes of the rich. A buddha statue is placed over the ashes, and steps let the family visit the grave. You can see the passage of time here, some of the steps are long decayed, some are completely gone. The families have themselves succumb to time, or simply stopped visiting, finally accepting the loss of their loved one.

I'm told by the caretaker, that this temple is popular during Songkran, so it may be worth coming here then.

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