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Super Cheap, Retail Therapy Thai Style, Phuket


[Supercheap burned to the ground, tragic.]

You've visited the western malls, and you need another shopping fix? Something different? Well Super Cheap is the mall for you, it's labelled a market, but it's more like a shop, a giant one.
Shelf after shelf of Thai produce, cheap, and in bulk.

This is something every tourist to Phuket should come to see, even if you only stay in the 'Thai Khanom' section looking for gifts to take home, (I refer to this section as 'base camp').

If you find the furniture store, well done, that's the North East corner so you can orientate yourself. Giant water tanks are no more than 2 days trek East from there. But if you want the giant speakers for your pickup truck, I'm afraid they're a lifetime away in the South West corner. Bad luck, you'll never make it in this lifetime, and perhaps in your next life you won't need speakers.

(Video after the break)

Super Cheap sells everything you can think of. I'm not saying you'll find what you want here, I'm saying you'll be lucky to find your way out again! Just remember, you're never far from an exit in this jungle, so don't give up hope! But it is a good idea to let a relative know where you're going before you set off, and to file your planned route with the local Tourist police before you enter.

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