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Ta Pan Cave, Phang-Nga, Revisited


I've visited Ta Pan cave before, it was a real delight, especially the monkeys. Since I was visiting Pheung Chang (Elephant Stomach) cave nearby, I thought I'd revisit Ta Pan and say hello to my monkey friends. I'm glad I did! I can't believe I missed so much.


The monkeys are off in the hills now, so I went down to explore the cave. I couldn't go inside last time, I had friends with me with motorbike injuries and they couldn't climb, and anyway the cave looks like a small hollow, hardly worth the steps.

But this is not so! Inside arched bridges span chasms up into a high point in the cave, reaching a praying area in the darkness. Eerie eerie darkness.


Photographs don't really convey the impressiveness of caves, but the cave was only the start of my expanded view of Ta Pan. Once outside, I noticed a pagoda like structure up in the jungle up the hill. Exploring further, I saw steep steps leading up to it, just behind the temple.
Flights of steps take you up and up into the hill, above the tree level and into the sky.


Phang Nga is famed for its scenery and Ta Pan offers a view right across the valley. The temple here offers depictions of heaven and hell, statues showing the Thai representation of each. This viewing platform is Heaven!


The monk here is building more walkways for the visitors, and it's clear they've been working a long time. Hardly anyone was there, but this is clearly a temple cave worth a trip from Phang Nga.

Part 1, Ta Pan Cave, Phang Nga

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