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Cherng Talay Sauna & Spa, Phuket


Cherng Talay municipal pool is one of the best town provided facilities in Phuket, and now they've expanded it to add a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and fitness rooms full of the latest running and cycling machines.

Or more precisely two saunas, two steam rooms, two jacuzzi. They have separate facilities for men and woman to stop us women harassing you poor men.


The spa photos are from the women side, obviously, but I'm told the mens side has all the same features. What's really needed is an cold pool. In Holland I tried a sauna during the winter, and ran out afterwards into a dip pool to cool off. It was freezing! The freezing water tightened all the lose skin pores and really refreshes you. That contrast is sadly missing in Thai saunas. You get hot, then a warm dip pool, missing the temperature shock.


The spa is open to the air and lined with palm trees, leading to some extra guests from outside. A swarm of bees has made its nest in the warm moist air, they left me alone, but I couldn't resists a few selfies with the bees.


Before the spa and sauna, the usual reason to come here is the large swimming pools. With a roof to keep out the sun, play pools for the kids, and even two slides, this has always been worth the visit.


There was only two of us ladies when I visited, but that's because they'd just opened. I've never found the pools to be overcrowded here, even at weekends. You'll find this in the middle of the island, not far from Bang Tao beach.

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