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Thai Muang Camping Trip: #1 Khao Pi Lai Beach


I'm going camping at Thai Muang National Park. They have a campsite there, where you can rent a tent, with sleeping bag and mat next to the beach. For a change of pace, there is a beach that stretches for miles and miles and is almost empty.

That stretch of sand starts here, at Khao Pi Lai Beach, which is a rocky headland that is good for fishing.


It's all scenery here, everything looks like its been placed ready for a photo opportunity, and I don't miss the chance, but this is a wading beach, not so suitable for swimming because it suffers from rip-tides, that can sweep you out.

The rocky headland leads up to a hill with all the trees carefully circled by white rock. I don't really know the significance of it, I assume its religious, so I try to avoid stepping in the circles.


I chat to a local fisherman, he tells me this is a great spot to catch squid, he catches enough to feed himself for the day, but won't sell me any for my beach BBQ!

It's very quiet here, but that's also a disadvantage. My car is full of stuff for the camping trip, as I return to it, I see three scooters with 4 teenage boys surrounding it and looking in the windows while glancing around to see whose there. As soon as they see me, they drive away in a hurry.

With expensive drones and tablets and cameras and my snorkeling equipment in the car, it's best to keep it in view. Or perhaps more sensible not to leave expensive things visible in a car in the first place.

Thai Muang is on the west coast as you head north from Phuket. Khao Pi Lai is one of the first places you reach on the way.

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