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Thamma Park Pagoda #3, "WhiteStar"


Thamma Park in Surat Thani is a collections of hills on which they're building 7 pagodas. I've been here twice before, the first time by fate after I took a wrong turn and got lost. The second time to revisit and see the second pagoda, which I nicknamed 'skyoasis'. That second time I was pregnant and couldn't climb the steps, now I have my baby, the third pagoda will be her first, and I can enjoy it with her.

I'm nicknaming this one White Star because it shone when I first saw it on the hill. This is the highest one so far, despite that it's a lot easier to climb to than Pagoda #1, the stairs are wider and less steep!

I suggested to the monks they should have rope bridges (parcour style) connecting the pagodas. But they didn't make them. This time I suggested tarzan rope swings! I know they won't make those either, but if they're not going to use my suggestion, I may as well put a smile on the monks face.


The new drone laws means I won't be getting a drone shot of it. You need flight insurance ($900/year), permission from the civil aviation body CAAT, permission from the national broadcast regulator, the NBCT, permission from anyone you fly over or film, the land owner, you cannot fly over cities, villages, roads and the permit costs around $170. The penalties if you don't do this, are harsh, including long prison sentences.

In the past small toy drones under 2kg didn't need permits, but now any drone with a camera, regardless of weight is treated as a UAV, so technically even the smallest toys need all this because they have a little camera.

I'll pass. Promoting tourism in Thailand is a hobby not something to risk wealth and freedom over. Perhaps they'll set a lower weight limit and I'll get a drone under that limit then, but for now, no drone shots.


While talking to the female monk I discovered the next pagoda will be finished next month. A ceremony is planned for 19th August, 2018, early morning. She says before 10am. The pagoda itself is finished, the stairs and opening gate are not quite ready.

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