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Ton Prai Waterfall


Ton Prai is the larger waterfall next to Thai Mueang beach. After a day of sand and salt sea, spend several spare seconds at this splendid stream to shower.

Combined with a visit to Lumpee Waterfall, this can fill an afternoon, and better than Lumpee, you can get into the falling water and enjoy the waterfall fully.

There's a nature walk here too, if you want to explore the forest, this takes you up one level to a higher section of the waterfall, where another pool of water is there to play in.


The water here is cold, straight out of the hill and hasn't had time to warm up. Refreshing after the heat of the Andaman sea. I get to clean out the sand from between my toes from the beach and enjoy some cool down time.

Ton Prai is in a national park, which means you pay to get in, but the ticket is good for a visit to Lumpee waterfall nearby. Keep the tickets, and hand them in at the gate for Lumpee. At the time of writing this article, the ticket is 100 baht for tourists, and 20 baht to park a car.

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