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Turtle Release, Thai Muang


It's March 1st and finally! Finally! I get to release a real turtle into the sea at Thai Muang's turtle release party.

Each year they release a new batch of turtles into the sea, and if you're lucky your name is drawn and you get to release a turtle.

I've never had my name drawn in the raffle, last time I released as mock turtle, but this time I had the baby for good luck, and put everyone's names into the draw... including the baby's.

She was drawn! She would get to release a turtle that evening! She's not two years old yet, so she probably won't remember this, but I will.

We stayed at a Thai Muang resort, a very cheap and basic resort, but with a bed, shower and aircon, it's very close to the beach and an ideal location. Sawadee Camping Resort is near by car... but parking is busy at festival time.


It's a full week of celebrations here, a small carnival, outdoor cinema showing mostly Thai dubbed Chinese movies, live music, plenty of food and lots of carnival stands.

I made a weekend of it, swimming in the stunning Thai Muang beach during the day, and enjoying music and food during the night.

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