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Upside Down House, Phuket


They should give you a manual for some tourist attractions. This one for example. The upside-down house in Phuket. It's an upside-down house in Phuket, but what does that actually mean??

It's a photo opportunity. You take a photo of you interacting with the upside-down house, you turn the photo right-side up, and you appear to be doing acrobatic tricks on the furniture.

If you are the sort of person who visits a place, takes plenty of photographs then never ever looks at them again, why are you visiting this place? The effect works in the camera not in your eyes and you'll never see it!

In a way its like Phuket Trick Eye something to Instagram to your friends.


This leads to a few rules that nobody explains to you before you go. Don't bring a hat with you, because when its upside down, it looks like it stays on by magic, likes its glued.

Wait for people to get out of shot, because otherwise they spoil the photograph. Pesky people won't move!


Tie your long hair up, holding it with your hands will not work! At the top (bottom) of the house is a tuk tuk. I really think they missed a chance there. You should be able to get strapped into that, turned upside-down, then a souvenir upside-down photo taken of you upside-down!


There are lots of little signs and oddities, bins upside down, cars upside down and so on, but the main theme here is take a photo. But this is a one time visit, it won't have you coming back again and again. Once you've done it, your done.


One of the best things here is the maze out of the back. It's nice to walk around a maze and see the little statues they added to it. If you get stuck, reach out with your left hand, touch the hedge and walk around the maze with the left hand always touching. It will solve the maze for you.

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