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View From Khao Khad Tower, Phuket


So far, I've been neglecting the south of Phuket. It's well documented by the tourist guides and I don't really expect to find anything new and interesting here, but actually I did. I found my new favorite bay, and a road to nowhere so steep, simply getting up the hill is a thrill ride all in itself!

But first Khao Khad viewing tower. There are a few viewing towers across Phuket, that let you see out to the islands and across the bays. This one is pretty spectacular with views across Chalong bay and back across Phuket city.


You can even see cape Panwa, the cape that has Phuket's aquarium on it. It's high up too, a twisty road takes you up the hill, and a walk up some steps to get to the top of the tower takes you above the trees. Phuket city looks so small from up here.


But you don't need to come here for views, I found one of the steepest streets I have ever driven my scooter up. At the top I found a roundabout that goes nowhere. Somebody had plans here, plans to build luxury mansions, but only one of them was ever built, the roads off the roundabout dead end in forest.

If you're on a scooter, this view point is for you! Not because it's the best, but because it is a thrill ride getting to the top of the steep road! I wasn't sure my front wheel wouldn't lose traction so I leaned forward and hung on for dear life!


Once at the top, you can see why they thought it would be good to build here. Views out across the bays to Ko Lon and across the sea would have made this prime building property, but who wants to risk life and limb getting up that hill! Why me of course! But I wouldn't want to ever walk up that hill.

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