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VT Restaurant, Vietnamese Food Phuket Town


I stumbled on this by accident, VT Restaurant is a famous Vietnamese style restaurant in UdonThani, and I recognized the brand when I drove past their sign in Phuket. They're famous for 'Nam Nueng', a self assembly roll with plenty of green leaves, meat, a little chilli, chopped sour banana (including the skin), all rolled up in a wet rice paper sheet and dipped in a peanut sauce.

It's messy to eat, and my fingers were too sticky to take photos, but they also do plenty of other dishes, mostly Vietnamese style, and the food is excellent, I'd recommend a visit.


The place looks like an old colonial house and its a bit foreboding, I wasn't sure it was open since it was early, 11am. But the sign says it opens at 11 and sure enough it was. Don't be afraid to go in, it's cheap, the food is very high standard and there are pictures on the menu so you can point and order.

Try their shrimp toast, it's ground shrimp between two thin layers of fried bread with a sweet plum dipping sauce. Faultlessly executed.


Or the Vietnamese omelette. These are celebration dishes in Vietnam, filled with meat and shrimp served with a spicy coconut sauce. Again it's faultless, but I was never impressed by this dish anyway.... its just stuff thrown together in a wrapper of egg. The dish that is popular in Thailand, and has its own Thai variants is 'Nam Nueng' and that's the dish to eat here if you choose only one.


There's plenty of parking here, and the baby stroller had plenty of space to get around. But there's a little step at the entrance that they should really put a ramp on. Inside there's lots for children to see, but not tough. You may want to keep toddlers from wandering around and breaking things.

Inside is a little dark, with all chandeliers and fancy furniture.


VT Restaurant is in Phuket town, it's quite difficult to spot, I only noticed it when I pulled over to check the GPS and then noticed their sign. I've driven past it so many times without ever noticing it!

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