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Wat Kowrang Phuket


I went up to the top of monkey hill, in the center of Phuket town, and while I was there, I noticed a temple and golden Buddha I've never seen before. Time to explore!

This is Wat Kowrang, I couldn't find it marked on Google maps, but strangely it's there in the satellite and photographs, so it's not new. There's a few things to see here, the colourful demons that hold the temple up, and the large golden Buddha. Next to that, a bell just asking to be struck, and a temple surrounded by little monk statues.

If you're quick, there's adorable puppies from one of the temple stray dogs. I hate big stray dogs, but cute puppies cooling themselves next to a fan, on the other hand! Awwwwww.


The Buddha statue isn't the nicest thing here, I noticed that the temple building to the right (the one with the giants in masks), it has little monk statues, each monk in a different pose representing a little monk's duties. Collecting food, praying, following the monk...


This one is the monk carrying the rice bowl, to collect food donations early morning. In the north, where I was raised, these donations are really early morning, the break of dawn. But here in Phuket, they're later than I am!


The old monk tells me there's a consecration ceremony due for this temple. It's from 28th December 2013 to 3rd January 2014. The raising of the golden swan ceremony is on the 29th December at 7pm, with the ball cutting ceremony at 6.09pm 3rd January.

If you've never done one of these ceremonies, they're good luck, and this may be your chance. You don't have to attend though, the stone balls are waiting outside the temple for you to gild them with gold leaf. Donate some money, take a pack of gold leaves, gild each ball with one leaf, if there are extra leaves in the pack, take them home for luck.

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