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Wat Maneesee Mahah Tad


There are a lot of temples in Phuket, the most famous is Wat Chalong, famed for containing possible bone fragments of Buddha himself. But I'm visiting a far newer temple for one of the opening ceremonies, and this temple is really quite impressive.


It's in Phang-na, the mainland next to Phuket, on the south road. This is not far from the set off point for a lot of the boat tours of the bay here, and if you're visiting here, you could combine a visit to this temple, a visit to one of the caves here and an island hop.


There's a very large black status of a sitting monk on one of the temples. As you drive past, you can't miss it, and to one side is a waxworks of famous monks, very realistic faces they are too. There's a lot of texture, and color here, inside the main temple the ceiling is so colorful, your eyes tingle. It's nice to take away a gift from a temple, and the gift I took away is a blue scaly texture from one of the dragon tails. I'm using this as my desktop image. If you right click and save that link, it's a very high resolution scaly blue texture, so you can use it as a desktop too.


Mirror tiles on the temple, offer many chances to catch interesting photos, but the best thing here is the gong. Underneath the monk status, a large gong, placed inside a room that perfectly resonates the sound. Strike it three times and make your wish/prayer, but really enjoy the fact that a small action from you has such a bone shaking result!

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