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Where to eat Rawai Beach, Phuket


Baby Pang wants some beach time! She's been to the Layan beach a few times and throws a tantrum when we leave. Now she's better at walking, its time to let her walk in the sand. The sea at Layan is a big choppy with large waves, so I head down to Rawai for lunch.

There's two ends to Rawai, at the North/East end is the pier and a lot of restaurants across from a market. You buy the fish from the market, take it across the road and get the restaurant to cook it for you in the style you want.

I'm at the South/West end of the beach, and this end has restaurants too. A bit of shade, a bit of sea and some nice food make it perfect for the baby's lunch.

She's eating fried shrimp cakes (tod man gung). She's learning so quickly, she dipped the fish cake into the sweet plum sauce before eating it after seeing me do it! It's amazing that she's only one year old and eats like an adult. She perfected straws months ago!


I'm eating at the end restaurant, but all of them offer seafood at reasonable prices. The menu is Thai, but the pictures are clear, so choosing what to eat is simple. There's parking here too at both ends of this side road.

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