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Xtreme Adventures Phuket


Have you ever wanted to walk a tightrope? Or scale a wall? Or rope slide down a tree? Or Tarzan swing onto a net? All without the dying part? This is the place for you! It's Xtreme Adventures in the south of Phuket island. It's a large outdoor play area, that lets you experience the thrill of climbing without the risk of a rapid plummet, to a bone crunching death.

Equipment is provided, but you do have to wear proper shoes and no skirts. Flip-flops are not proper shoes for climbing in! They provide the harness, with 2 carabiners, and one pulley attached. In technical terms: the carabiners are the anti-plummet devices, the pulley is the wheeeeeee device.


The main safety rule is you learn on the training area is: keep at least one carabiner hooked on at all times. That's why you have two, so you can unhook one, move it onto the next safety line, then move the other one across. The other thing they teach you, is to stick your tongue out for balance. Yes, that's why I'm climbing a wall with my tongue out, to shift my center of gravity closer to the wall!

They have games for all abilities, none of them are particularly hard, the equipment is all well maintained and you never really feel in danger, no matter how high you are. Even wire walking feels safe. You are clipped onto two safety wires that you can grab to stabilize yourself. I'm demonstrating this by holding on desperately to these two wires:


They have a large play-pen in the trees, surrounded with netting and netting underneath to stop you falling. This is the kids zone, but don't let the sign stop you! It didn't stop me! In the kids-zone you don't need the harness, if you fall, you land in the safety nets. It has mini-versions of the rope slides, balancing, wire-walking, lots of padding and just a hint of fear.


The whole park is on the side of a hill, with views out over the beaches and temples below. The view from the tree-tops rewards you for the climb to get there! But eat a breakfast before you go, I arrived about lunch time, and was sooo hungry during the climb that I skipped the black section altogether to go find lunch.


Xtreme Adventures costs 1900 baht a person, or 600 for the kids in the kid-zone only (prices correct at Sept 2012). It runs all days from 10am to 6pm, but last entry is 3pm. It takes about 3 hours to explore the whole site. It's in the south of Phuket Island near Chalong.

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