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Yacht Spotting Phuket


A visit to the Phuket boat marina is for people who dream of being rich and owning a luxury yacht. Ever dreamed of having really big money? Of having a private yacht, moored in an upmarket marina in an exotic far away port like Phuket? Well this is a good way of curing you of that stupid idea!

Although they're guarded, the two marinas I'm visiting today, are happy to let you in. They're side by side on the east of Phuket island, and like all rich people haunts they're hush hush q-u-i-e-t, with hardly a soul to be seen, life-less. But there are lots of boats, lots and lots of expensive gleaming boats.


First up, the Boat Lagoon Resort, the larger of the two. A lagoon filled with boats, all sitting there, moored up, unused. The barnacles get more use from these boats than the owners. Next to the lagoon, tens or maybe hundreds of boats stand in dry dock. Parked for when their owners visit, or rather if they visit.


Parts of the site are like a multistory car-park, with boats stacked up one on-top of another. All around the site, 'office space for rent' signs mark empty shop units. That's the trouble with rich people, they visit once or twice a year, so only a few people are ever here. Not enough foot traffic to market to.


I think they have the dream of freedom, going anywhere in their boat, but the reality is a very slow way of traveling with only a few places to moor. They end up placing the boat in a lagoon like this one, perhaps even buying one of the apartments next to it, and then? Well once they've visited the neighboring islands, the boat gets left for the occasional fishing trip. You don't want to spend time hanging out in the marina, its dead. If you owned an apartment, you'd move out and move to somewhere more fun!

Or perhaps you sell it to the next dreamer.

Next door is the Royal Phuket Marina, this one has villas each with a private mooring for your yacht, as if it's everyday transport.

The boat at the top is the Lady Eileen II, when I did a search on this boat, I found it was for sale. On the site is an office for international boat sales and lots of the similar boats are for sale. The sales video for the Lady Eileen is above. If you still want the dream it'll cost you only $6.5million!

But don't forget, it's just a boat. You can rent a boat for 1000 baht if you want a mussel fishing trip, or use a scheduled boat for island visits.

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